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When an author writing a book needs something more than self publishing companies offer, have confidence in making the right choice in publishing houses and choose Adventure in Discovery. Publisher, Adventure in Discovery offers only what they can deliver, and that is, the basic needs every author writing a book must have to get a readers attention. To make a book properly and ready to take on their next step, whether it is to an agent other publishing houses or the ultimate straight to the bookshelves. Adventure in Discovery is one of many publishing houses and can make a book presentable, seeing that the book is edited, with an eye catching cover design to page layouts leading to the press. In addition to book publishing, advisement of setting the price, royalties and distribution along with book galleys - even marketing are available. Writing a book and submitting to traditional self publishing companies can result in rejection up to ninety percent of all manuscripts submitted. Those that do make it through, fail seventy percent of the time due to poor marketing follow through. We know how difficult it can be deciding between self publishing companies. Adventure in Discovery encourages authors to take charge of their book's destiny. If the author has the time to make a book, and financial means to invest, Adventure in Discovery will arm the author with the tools needed to succeed on their own. There are few self publishing companies that are willing to let you take total control of your book publishing needs. We offer free consultation. Our goal is to help you make a book that is something you can be proud of and profitable. To simply write a book is one thing. To be successful, is what Adventure in Discovery Publishing aims to do. Not looking to make a book? We have a great selection of books, for you to buy.